If your vehicle breaks down please call: 0333 101 4444

No one can predict a breakdown.

They happen anywhere at any time during any season of the year, and transporting you and your family out of danger can be costly. It's only common sense to protect you, your family and your vehicle from the expense and misery that can arise from a breakdown. That's why you need Momentum Rescue.

One call is all you need.

When you need to be rescued all you need do is make one phone call - we do the rest. Once we have made all the arrangements we will contact you to advise you who is on their way and how long they are expected to take. We will also arrange to pay callout fees and mileage charges to repair or assist with your vehicle.

Momentum Rescue covers your car, no matter who drives it.

Unlike many rescue services Momentum Rescue covers your car so that breakdown services are readily available to any driver of the vehicle.

It's all part of the service

If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside we will arrange and pay for your vehicle (and up to 6 passengers) to be recovered to the nearest garage. If that is not possible we will consider the best options available to you, including taking you and your passengers home, or your vehicle to a garage near your home, or on to your original destination. When circumstances dictate we will even pay towards the reasonable costs of alternative transport or a hire car to allow you and your passengers to complete your journey and we can offer overnight accommodation, including breakfast, to you and your passengers. We even pay towards someone returning to collect the repaired vehicle.

No worries

Part of organising your rescue is passing on messages to your home or work and letting them know about your predicament, easing the worry for your loved ones or work associates and most importantly - you.